Monday, 25 August 2014

Me on Monday

My intention is to link with meme's on other blogs (hope it isn't that road "lined with good intentions").  The general idea is that this will help keep me blogging regularly.  Sian has suggested the fantastic idea of 'Me on Monday' featuring a photo of oneself and summary of the weekend just gone.  So here goes

My weekend was a car packing, room checking, 230 odd mile drive back from Overton on the Gower to Hucknall, Notts (or at least my DH driving me and my two DS's that distance), unpacking, laundry doing, fish and chip eating - which we didn't do whilst on holiday! - scrapbooking, quirky kit finishing, blog publishing, blackberry picking, plant watering/rescuing, dead-heading one.  

Today it is raining, unlike the absolutely fab weather we enjoyed in Wales (yes you read that correctly) last week.  The cat is bored and no doubt will live up to his name of Jack the Nipper before the end of the day. He has that look on his face.

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