Friday, 29 August 2014

It's nearly over...

Hi there, it's saying something the woman behind the card shop counter looks at you pityingly and asks 'how much longer until they go back?'.  This was because my 14 year old [younger-by-one-minute] son was - as usual - tormenting his 11 year old sister.  I used to relish the holidays and be so sad when they had to go back to school and I couldn't spend all day with them.  Now I'm lucky if I get more than a grunt from the boys as they sit hunched over electronic devices.  Either that or they go out hiking in the local woods [which I suspect may involve building dens and making camp fires].  Not that they go out together mind.  Mine are not the closest of twins - but perhaps it's a teenage thing.  It certainly seems to have happened once they got to secondary school and were put in different year halves.  We have 2 secondary schools nearby and they chose that one because 'all their friends' were going to it.  By the end of Y7 only one of those boys remained a friend and the rest were all new ones!

Here are a few more photos from the Scavenger Hunt.  I still have a few to find but since the challenge doesn't finish until 23rd September there is hope for me yet.

#4.  A group of tourists - well no-one lives on the beach so they must be!

#10. A photo bomb - also from the beach, I was so busy focusing on capturing my DS's that I genuinely didn't spot the young girl so clearly in the shot!

And finally [for today anyway]
#14. A parade.  Ok so I am really stretching it with this one, but I am going with this being a Parade of Surfers. 
Sod's law that I didn't think to get my camera out and take a photo as they all walked down the path to the beach, which did look much more like a parade.

Still, this is the first year I have taken part so I am still learning [hey it's an excuse and I am sticking to it!!!]
One day on the beach my Mum commented - 'what is she doing wearing that brown skirt with a blue checked top?'  [luckily it wasn't that loud that said woman heard her].
Well it turned out that the long flared skirt [with an elasticated waist] was actually a cover-up that the lady used to discretely change into her swimming costume.  It so reminded me of the special towel my Nana always took to the beach.  It was sewn up into a tube with a draw-string contraption at the top.  The idea was to be able to get into and out off your swimming stuff on a busy beach - it took some skill.  Particularly if you hadn't dried yourself thoroughly first!  And if no-one stood nearby to offer a hand it also involved falling sideways with no hands free to break your fall.  Oh those were the days :)
Louise x

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