Friday, 29 August 2014

It would be so wonderful

to be organised.   However, I have discovered a new activity to  avoid the ironing  organise my scrapping. 

I don't scrap chronologically but I do store in yearly albums.  I admire people who have separate albums for each child/person - and sometimes different albums for different themes eg school, hobbies and so on.  I have all on finding the right year's album to bung the LO in. 

I am a person who regularly purchases notebooks, planners etc. with the intention of being so much more organised from now on and managing to be so for only a few weeks [mainly because I mislay said notebook or just don't remember to use it or look in it].  How I wish I had a fairy godmother who could bestow the gift of 'organised' upon me.  Perhaps then I would know where I had put that important letter ...... or my new credit card ...... or my house keys. 

See? I am that disorganised I have completely wondered off from the point I was going to make.  At least I can look back at the top and remind myself - I won't bore you with how often I get half way through a sentence and then forget where I was going 'cos I've thought of something else meantime.  Oops doing it again.  My organising [and definitely not ironing avoiding] activity is to photograph ALL my LO's and put them in folders [on the laptop, not physical ones] with the album year on.

I know it's neither ground breaking, nor earth shattering, but it works for me.  That way when I want to check which LO's need journaling or a title or some other finishing touch it is much easier to check.  Now this rather embarrassingly reveals the fact that I don't always/often [delete as required] totally finish a LO.

I blame it on having too many photos to scrap, definitely not on being really a bit lazy.  Sometimes it's because an appropriate title just won't spring to mind. 

I was surprised HOW MANY layouts I had done but mainly it was by the fact that I could remember the ones I dislike much more than the ones that are good.  I also want to redo so many of them but wonder whether it would be better to leave them as they show my journey as a scrapbooker,

Louise x

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