Monday, 1 September 2014

1st September 2014

 Me on Monday - joining in with Sian.
Well it was a 'chilly one day, warm the next', canal [but on a river] boating, Prosecco drinking [only 2 glasses but it is so nice it is worth documenting ;)], school walk practicing, layout photographing, photo editing, family time, chilling out kind of weekend.

(photo to follow - I haven't done my hair yet!)

This time last year I decided to photograph my garden [such as it is] on the first of every month.  I was a few days late once or twice but then completely forgot in August!  It was just to document how the same scene changes with the seasons [and weather].  I want to use a different place/theme but need something that is achievable and doesn't take lots of effort.  Perhaps I could get a photo of all 5 of us together - will have to see if I can persuade my family :)


During my 'album organising' I discovered that I have stored lots of photos, in PL pocket pages, in my albums.  Well of course I knew I had put some in there - I'm not that daft [I hope!] - but I had forgotten how many there were.  It explains why I had such a small pile of outstanding photos to scrap.  That's outstanding as in not done, I don't fool myself that my snaps are any more than everyday. Sutty has started a short series on incorporating them into albums 'properly' [here] and I have seen Shimelle/Glitter Girl use them in albums too.  I'm going to give these idea's a go in an attempt to catch up a little with my scrapping.  It might also use those divided page protectors that I one realise are all the wrong sizes to use for PL!

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