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End Game: Fallen Empire Book 8 by Lindsay Buroker

I have read all Lindsay's books with the except the Rust and Relics series.  Her previous works have been based in steam-punk worlds where magic and dragons exist.  I've also read all her steamy Sci-Fi romances written under the pen name of Ruby Lionsdrake.  

However the Fallen Empire series of books melds the two - a Sci-Fi future where the Starseers have mind-powers and seemingly magical artefacts.  The series follows the adventures of  Alisa, Leonadis (a cybernetically enhanced man), and their motley crew/allies.  All Alisa wanted was to find her daughter, but in order to do this she has had to fight pirates, the Alliance, the mafia, Starseers good and bad and androids, to name but a few of the obstacles in her way.  

Here's the blurb
Alisa Marchenko has reunited with her daughter, and even though she hasn’t figured out how to get Jelena to accept Leonidas yet, she dreams of the three of them starting a new life together. They can return the Star Nomad to its original purpose of running freight and staying out of trouble (mostly).

Before that can happen, Alisa must fulfill the promise she made to Jelena: that she and her crew will retrieve young Prince Thorian, the boy who has become Jelena’s best friend. But Thorian was kidnapped by the rogue Starseer Tymoteusz, the man who wants to use the Staff of Lore to take over the entire system—and the man who may have the power to do it. Alisa doesn’t know why he kidnapped Thorian, but Tymoteusz once promised to kill the prince, so she fears they don’t have much time.

Unfortunately, Tymoteusz hasn’t left a trail of breadcrumbs. Finding him will be difficult, and even if they’re successful, facing him could be suicidal. To have a chance of surviving, Alisa will have to come up with her greatest scheme yet.

And here is my review of this book - 

5 Stars

What an amazing ending to a wonderful series of books. This had plot twists galore, peril by the bucket load, lots of inappropriate humour, plenty of sarcasm and love in unlikely places. I love the author's writing style, it flows so naturally and I always know who is talking. Her descriptions are such that I can build mental pictures of the scene, without having to wade through pages of waffle and literally 'losing the plot'. The dialogue is smart, snappy and often brings a smile to my face and I am continually amazed at the ingenuity and story telling skills of Ms Buroker.

It is a long book but every single page held my interest and there was enough action and adventure for several Hollywood movies. The characters that Ms Buroker crafts are amazing. Despite the futuristic, sci-fi setting they feel like real people with their quirks, foibles and mannerisms. It was good to see the return of some familiar faces and to meet a few new characters.

I am sad to see the series end but have enjoyed every single moment of the journey and can't wait to see where we are taken next.

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