Sunday, 11 December 2016

My favourite read this week

Hi all, as I may have mentioned my current obsession is reading.  About the only genre of fiction I don't read is horror, but my current favourite is romance.  It can be contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, shifter or sci-fi, not historical though.

Which is why I almost didn't read a book that actually turned out to be very unusual and interesting read.  It also proves the point that you should never judge a book by its cover - as this book is actually a contemporary romance with a twist of the paranormal/fantasy.

Everything appears colourless in Iris’ world...until she falls asleep and the nightmares begin.

Iris’ plan to stay in her small town of Gradywoods just long enough to bury her father shatters when she finds a letter he wrote to her only two days before his death. On the evening of his funeral, her nightmare bursts with colors. Being colorblind since birth, Iris feels both amazed and apprehensive, but when she wakes in the morning, her world turns gray once again.

The day after her father's funeral, Iris finds refuge from her pain at Yves Antique Pages, the small bookshop owned by Mr. Yves, her adopted grandfather. She soon encounters three mysterious strangers who are inexplicably drawn to her. Through secrets and deceit, she fears they are all here for one reason…her.

Night after night, the nightmares continue into a series of disturbing events where Iris finds herself caught in a vibrant collision of past and present. In them, she witnesses another’s loss, torture, and broken love. As each episode escalates, she’s brought closer to a place where death may be a more satisfying end.

As Iris’ world reaches fragile limits, she must find a way out of an uncompromising fight for her life and for a love she may once have had.
The book is a bit of a grower - it didn't immediately grab me but, by the end, boy was I hooked. In fact after the first chapter or so I wasn't even sure I would complete the book. All I can say is keep I am glad I kept going because I soon reached the point where I didn't want to put the book down. It's a contemporary book that fits into no genre and many genres at the same time!

I'm an impatient person and at times I got irritated wanting to discover/know the secrets that form the background to the story. Thankfully the author doesn't write for just for me and has produced a book with amazing tension, an astounding and outstanding plot and excellent character development. There were a few minor editing errors but not enough to spoil my enjoyment of this book.

Some of the characters you know immediately are in the 'good' camp or 'bad' camp but others having you guessing and changing your mind. The author drip-feeds information about the characters and the back story expertly, just enough to keep the pace steady but not too much to spoil the suspense element.

I also like the fact that whilst this is a story about Iris, there are many other characters that are involved in the story and who we get to know. I am now desperate to get hold of book 2 and 3 to find out how the story ends.

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