Sunday, 3 January 2016

Slightly late ... but a very Happy New Year to one and all

We are a family with a lot of birthdays in December, I have to hang my head in shame and admit I forgot to buy a card for my Brother - his is on the 27th. 
I've tried to make myself feel better with the fact that he went to visit friends in Geneva on Boxing Day, so wouldn't have been at home to get the card.  However I also forgot to text 'Happy Birthday' to him as we were out visiting family for the day.
*hangs head in shame*

This is him on his first birthday
- he's a lot taller and quite a bit older now!
The last (or perhaps it should be first) birthday is my Mum's which is on New Years Day.  I'm not one that enjoys the whole New Years Eve thing, so this helps distract me from that. 
In fact if I allow I can get quite maudlin that another year has gone, that life seems to be passing by at increasing speed and that I still haven't finished painting the bathroom ceiling.
* Which now needs re-doing since we have leaking guttering/roof that is causing a damp patch.*
The last few years we have stayed at my sisters on NYE.  We have a lovely meal and then watch a film.  My brother-in-law chose 'Ex Machina'.  Normally I like a sci-fi film but this one was strange. 
Image result for ex machina
And we almost missed midnight because their telly his hooked up to an xbox (to watch certain movies), a sky box AND a home cinema system.  This requires the use of at least 3 remotes .... we only wanted to put BBC 1 on for the countdown.
I remember when changing the TV channel involved standing up and pressing a button on the front of the telly .... although the programmes rarely stayed on past 11pm in those days!  And you got the National Anthem.  And the disappearing white dot.
I didn't get one photo of the whole event, partly because I am a complete numpty and also because my BIL's parents were also in attendance and I felt awkward about snapping away, in case it made them feel awkward!
I did take some photos including this one from the Winter Scavenger Hunt of ...

#8 A Wreath


Which was a slightly poignant photo because (all being well) this is the last Christmas/New Year we will share in this particular house as my sister and BiL are in the process of buying a new place.

And this year I'm extra grumpy about the whole thing, since discovering I go back to work a whole day earlier than the rest of the family.
(These things are important you know!)
I also avoid New Year Resolutions - that is just setting myself up to fail!  But I would like to get fitter in 2016 and perhaps use my bike that has sat forlornly in the shed for nearly two years.

So this in not exactly a 'ta-da' post and I've slightly missed the New Year slot but at least it means that things can only get better.

And whenever I think of that phrase I immediately get the D'ream song going around in my head.  And then I think about Professor Brian Cox.  Now that reminds me that we haven't watched the International Space Centre go past of late, details of which you can find here.

So if you've stuck with all that randomness a huge THANK YOU.  And also a very Happy and Prosperous 2016 to you all,

Louise x


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family too. I love the way you have linked the picture with the old TV to your comments later on! I too did not take any photos. We get together with the same group of friends and have a meal. I should have taken a picture of the starter which looked spectacular and tasted good too. I was hemmed in and couldn't even reach my phone! I know what you mean about Christmas birthdays. My niece is the 28th and I have always run out of ides by then. I managed a card and popped some money in her account so she should be happy!

  2. A Very Happy New Year to you too! Wishing good things to all of you in 2016. I have to make a big effort to remember my sister's wedding anniversary which is 28th

  3. Wonderful fun post - I too like the way you tied the photo in with your story. I was up reading when midnight arrived here, Mr Man was already asleep ... back to work before everyone else! No I don't like that either. I like randomness, you just never know where it will take you :)

  4. Happy New Year x i'm back to work a day before everyone else too. Its not good and very bad planning on my part!

  5. Lol, I love your posts, you always sound like someone who would be fun to have a cup of coffee with iykwim. Happy new year to you to!

  6. I loved your post and all its randomness (and its honesty). Happy New Year Louise. Here's to a great 2016.


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