Saturday, 14 November 2015

When life gets in the way ...

Or the best laid plans of mice and men. 

So much for my grand decision to blog every other day or so ... it's just been one of those weeks.  So much so that I've only just got round to visiting most blogs tonight - I had about 40 unread posts on my bloglovin list!

So this is technically day 10 and today's prompt was about polishing your 'about me' page.  This is aimed at businesses and at first glance might seem another one to 'pass' on. 

However if you are anything like me ...

(I heard that 'I hope not' at the back!)

... you'll be nosey about your fellow bloggers.

Just what do they do, other than blogging and crafting.  How old are they?  What else have they ever done?  Have they got children, dogs, cats?  What is their favourite flavour of crisps?

So I AM going to update my blog and make a proper 'about me' page. 

I just need to decide what to put on it - I don't want it to be the worlds most boring CV.   And since it is half past eight on a Friday night I'm not going to start updating it now. 

But I would appreciate some (polite) suggestions of things I could include.

I'm going to try and be back before Me on Monday - but this time I am not making any plans ....

Thanks for popping by

Leave a comment if you have time

Louise x


  1. Ooh! we all love a good nosey and it's a great idea to update your me page. I love music so I'm always interested to see what artists people listen too. How about the top things on your must see/do list of places to go/visit? Your proudest achievement? Your favourite quote? Look forward to reading it when you post :)

  2. I rather like getting to know people by reading their blogs. I find that like new friendships in the "real" world you learn all about them as you get to know them. Whether they have children perhaps of a similar age to mine. Are they going through similar anxieties to me about their youngsters? What are their interests? Are they similar to mine? Where do they travel? It's all part of the fun. I still learn new things about friends I have had for years and blog friends are the same.
    I haven't known you for long Louise but bit by bit I am getting to know you as you are me. I look forward to your updates!

  3. I'm not sure if I have any useful advice except to say that I love to know what other bloggers do, as in make, or create, or how they spend their spare time. When it comes to family, I'm always aware of privacy concerns, so if you don't feel like sharing that's fine by me

  4. I want to know everything - oh yes nosey is one way to describe it (lol). I like stories of all types. I like to have confirmation that we really are more alike than different. I was a long time lurker of the Alexa's Simply a Moment & Sian's Story Telling Sundays. That's me mostly late to all the good parties because I use to sit on the side lines. Looking forward to what ever decide on to share plus it can always be updated & added to another time.

  5. It's funny because I know someone else doing 30 day challenge and she read this email in a similar way, as encouragement to share more about yourself. I didn't write this post because I took it to mean share in the heading, where you have already said that you are mum to 3 etc. I'm going to reread the email because maybe I misunderstood!
    What ever the case I do think it is nice getting to know more about people who I connect with through blogging, though like Sian I am aware this is a public place and that privacy is a consideration and to be respected. I look forward with interest to your posts that follow.


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