Sunday, 1 November 2015

My week in Numbers

I have apologised to Julie before but my memory is so bad a whole month is too much for me to recall, so I am doing a week instead!

I did have an epiphany moment yesterday about the need for a notebook AND pen to always be at hand as most of my best ideas pop into my head when I am busy doing something else (and very often when I am trying to get to sleep but my mind refuses to stop racing). 

If I actually got into this habit (I have enough notebooks squirrelled away in draws - they just need liberating) I might even manage the whole month!

So I am going to stick this time with the past week.

First up is 2 - the number of new T-shirts I had to buy on Sunday to immediately pack for the older-by-one-minute son to take on his school trip to Geneva.

Which then leads us to 3.28pm - the time we arrived at school (nice and early to ensure a parking spot IN the car park).  The letter had asked for a no later than 3.45pm arrival to leave at 4pm.

It was a little chilly so the fact that the coach was late and they didn't depart until 4.25pm was 'fun'.

The approximate number of miles to be travelled by both son's was 750

They were there - sat just above the boys on the side of the coach.

The number of us who travelled to the Drayton Manor Theme Park was 4.  We had to go there via the M1 (northbound) and the A38 due to severe hold ups on the southbound M1.  This meant we travelled an extra 8 miles, but saved about 20 minutes sat in a traffic jam.

I have been known to ride Air 3 times in an hour (although I did need a sit down after the 3rd time due to feeling a bit sick) and adore Nemesis.  So I'm not sure what was wrong with me but 5 was the number of rides I went on.  My darling hubbie scored 6 rides, whilst the girl child and her friend went on 15 rides (this was because they went on some rides more than once). 

Would it surprise you to know that I didn't go on this one?

We saved Storm Force 10 until last.  Now we knew we would get a little wet - we always have done.  So we removed layers of clothing so that we had 'something dry' to put back on. 

NO we didn't remove any undergarments or go on just in our pants (like you did at 3 or 4 when you found an unexpected stream or fountain or paddling pool).

I don't know just how much water landed directly on our heads (and the rest of us) at the bottom of the first drop, but there were 7 of us in the 'boat' and we were all soaked completely through - right down to those pants - everywhere.  When we got off the ride I had one tiny dry spot on the back of my left leg. 

Now others had come off that ride slightly to fairly wet, but we looked like a bucket of water had been tipped on our heads.  Needless to say we bought the photo!

3 was how many different words this cockatoo said to us (he said 'hello' lots of times but he also said 'byebye' and 'parrot' - obviously he is a little confused either about our species or his own!).

Despite it being half-term, the weather was so dreary, dismal and wet I did very little for the rest of the week.  I did follow the schools 'Geneva blog' of which there were 3 entries.  From this I discovered that the younger-by-one-minute son was 'fashionably' late to breakfast twice (oh the shame) and that the older-by-one-minute son had eaten MOST of the puddings each evening because 'the rest of the group were fussy eaters'.  This involved 6 panna cotta's and 10 rum & raisin icecreams.  His dad was very proud of him.

Friday at 2pm was the ETA for the Geneva trip.  Now we had been warned that they may be 'a little early' the evening before. 

It turned out that they had a visit to a hydro-electric dam booked - but they were given the wrong address so it was cancelled.  Added to this the journey back through France took a couple of hours less than expected.

So 6.30am was the time we were rudely awoken by a phone from the older-by-one-minute son to inform us that they were currently on the M1 and would be home at about 8am!  Apparently they had been told to text parents, whilst on the ferry, at 2 in the morning.  Thankfully my pair saw sense and knew to leave it until a more 'reasonable' time.

We both got up and made an effort to appear washed and dressed, and DH duly set off to collect the pair a full 6 hours earlier than expected.

We listened to lots of 'what happened' tales until exhaustion won and they both went to bed for most of the day.

And finally 3 equals the number of replacement purple ties bought (because a certain head boy's tie has been misplaced) before finding one that was acceptable to said head boy. 

Needless to say the one that isn't going back was exorbitantly expensive (although not as bad as the tie I saw in John Lewis at £59 - yes £59!!!!!).

So that was my week in numbers - I'm surprised how many I managed.  I enjoyed this Julie so I must join in next time.

And if you have stuck with me to the end of this post a huge well done and a big thank you,

have a super Sunday (and November)

Louise x

ps Day 5 of my 30 day challenge - just a few left then.


  1. You must be so proud to not only have a son who appreciates pannacotta but kids who'll let you sleep rather than text you in the night! Bravo!

    It made me smile to think that you could be given the wrong address for a dam!

    I haven't been on a theme park ride for sooooooo long - and I too would not have gone on anything that looked at dizzying as that one! And how brave to voluntarily get wet in *October*! That's quite some willingness to seize the day.

    Thanks for joining in - four weeks, one week, one day, one hour ... it's all welcome. I just enjoy hearing about people's months [and seeing how they adapt the numbers idea to suit themselves].

    You're on the Pinterest board now with mine and Sandie's posts so far:

    Have a great November!


    1. If I had known just how wet I would get I perhaps would not have gone on the ride. I had to travel home with a blanket keeping my dignity (I couldn't sit in wet jeans for the whole journey). My OH, bless him, drove so he had no choice.

  2. A great read! I'm impressed by many of these numbers..but especially by the number of rum and raisin icecreams. It's a favourite of mine, but even I couldn't manage this many

    1. I too like rum and raisin icecream but 1 is enough for most people. He is a teenage boy so I think he was missing being able to snack all day long!


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