Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Memories From A Photo....

So on Sunday I wrote this post, and included this photo of my brother and I at my Grandparents' house (paternal).
I mentioned that there were quite a few stories/memories contained in just that one photo.
Some of them are more anecdotal and some are tied to my emotions.
So in no particular order here are some of them...
#1  The Caterpillar Ride-On Toy

One of my earliest memories is of waking up on Christmas Day and finding this wonderful toy next to my bed. 
Although I occasionally wonder if I am making that up or if I insisted on sleeping with it in my room because I don't remember it being wrapped up.
My sister is four years younger than me and I'm not sure if I am 3 or 4 in that photo.  But I do seem to remember adults suggesting that she could inherit the toy when I grew too old for it.
My mental response was along the lines of 'over my dead body'... but I was too well brought up to protest the fact.  I do remember insisting on using it when I was probably far too big - probably to prevent it being passed to said sister. 

We are now the sort of sisters who would share our last bean, so I do feel guilty.  But she had got MY bedroom when she was born and that takes a lot of forgiving!

You rested your feet on the front 'axel' and bounced up and down.  This made the caterpillar flex and contract and so you moved forward (or backwards if you got the timing wrong!)

#2 The silver and white Christmas tree

At the time I honestly thought that this white (with bits of silver) Christmas tree was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. 
I seem to remember us having a silver tree (rather like tinsel).  Compared to todays thick, luxurious and realistic trees these seem so, so ... sad.  But that tree came out for years and years and I loved it.

And talking of years and years..
#3 The carpet
You may be shaking your head in wonder now and wondering how a carpet can be an important memory.
Perhaps the fact that the carpet was bought by my grandparents at about the same time as my brother was born... and they still had it over 30 years later. 
It was worn through in places, probably where we as children had danced up and down to 'The Monster Mash' and 'March of the Mods'.  Where we had twirled and tumbled and done 'shows' for the adults.
It ended its life as a method to stop weeds at the bottom of our very (then) overgrown garden.
#4 Texaco Tanker
I remember riding on this down our garden path.  If you made an 'aaa' sound the vibrations of traveling along the path made your voice sound funny.
I also remember falling out and fighting with my brother to be able to play with this.
My mum still has the orange jeep and trailer - I think it was a Tonka toy.
#5 The recliner chair
This had a big handle on the side that allowed you to recline the chair. 
I am not sure if this is the recliner chair or not,
it used to get moved around.
Of course there were either 3 of us (and 5 if my cousin's were also visiting) so you can imagine the fall-outs we had. 
And yes sometimes it WAS falling out of it - or being dragged off it.
But it reclined!!!!!  

I think my Nana used to set her kitchen timer and we would each have a 'turn'. 

We usually got bored and climbed off long before our turn was up. 
Isn't that always the way with children?

There are other stories that spring to mind - but I shall save those for another 'Memories from a photo...' post.
Feel free to join in - and add a link to your blog if you wish.  If you do add a link I will visit and leave a comment.

See you soon

Louise x


  1. What lovely memories. Isn't it funny what we do remember and how important it all seemed then. I like the fact that the carpet went on and on. Also the sibling and cousin rivalry. Good old Nana to get the timer out. I am inspired to join in and wondering which photo it will be....

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing your stories - I had forgotten the fights over the recliner chair until I was writing the post - it's amazing what more memories pop up as you are writing.

  2. This is lovely! And coming up to Christmas feels like exactly the right time to be pulling out the old pictures. What really struck me about your memories is how you have pulled them from the little details in the pictures..I'm a big fan of leaving some background in a photo and not always cropping very tight for this exact reason.

    1. Since digital (and to be honest a pair of scissors pre-digital) I would often crop out 'ugly' background scenes - particularly indoors. As I've looked through some old photos it isn't the foreground that stirs the memories but things like remembering the curtains that I could see scary faces in as a child, or a toy that was such a favourite and I had forgotten how much my children loved it at the time.

  3. This was quite an enjoyable read. I like how you have taken bits of the photo & told the story about them. I use to cut things out of the background, I now know better.

    1. I've been know to cut out or cover the background before. I've scanned loads of old photos and slides but not had time to edit them - I think I now know better too! (And am glad I haven't cut out all the stories) x

  4. I loved this post. Laughed out loud at lots of points :)

    1. Thanks - it seemed to almost write itself. I enjoyed it so much I am definitely going to 'repeat' the process.

  5. I was sure I left a comment on this post! I must have read it on my mobile and intended to comment on the computer as I find using the mobile so long winded. Anyway, love the memories that you shared here. I remember my niece having one of these caterpillars, it's funny how some things make such a lasting impression. I remember my sister and I both having a 'teenage' doll one Christmas, long before the days of Barbie and Sindy, and much bigger.
    I had to smile at the Christmas tree. How times have changed, we probably thought they were so beautiful at the time! One thing I am trying to remember is to take photos that include the whole room or area, and not just zoom in to detail. I love looking at old photos and remembering furnishings and wallpaper, we will miss this in years to come as our style of taking photos has changed over time.


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