Monday, 30 November 2015

Me on Monday .... a weekend of whoosh and you missed it.

Hello to Sian and all the other Monday-ers.   Well it was a weekend of not much, that went in a flash and where it was Sunday night before Saturday morning had sunk in.

I normally write my post on said Sunday evening but I just didn't have the oomph to write it.

So I feel a bit late but it is still Monday so here goes.

Taken in bad light but it's me on Monday :)

It was a Saturday of nice sunshine and getting some laundry done to peg outside. 

It then became a wet and grey Saturday as soon as the washer finished. 

Whilst waiting for the washing machine I did a little more work on my December mini-book.  I really need to get it finished tonight since I need to start filling it tomorrow! 

It was nearly 1pm before I knew, which meant a quick trip to a Christmas Fayre being held by the girl child's dance school. 

It had to be a quick trip because we had hair appointments in Chesterfield (about a 30 minute drive away) at 3pm, but needed to
(a) park - always a nightmare later in the day on Saturdays - and
(b) do some pre-cut shopping.

Parking was threatening to be the predicted nightmare.  Normally we park in an open car park but it was pouring with rain so we headed to the nearest multi-story.  It seemed most of Derbyshire had the same idea as the queue was enormous.

So I turned left with the intention of heading to the original car park ... and spotted that there was on street parking with pay meters and at £3 for 4 hours not to ridiculous a price.   Job done!

Not taken on Saturday - too much rain then!

The girl child perused New Look, trying on several pairs of boots before disappearing from view.  She does this frequently on shopping trips.  She did it once in Tesco's when she was 2 or 3.... turns out she was playing hide and seek in the clothes rails.  Security was stopping anyone with children from leaving (just in case) before I found her - oh the embarrassment of it all.

Anyway New Look was swapped for Primark, from which she never leaves without at least one item.  This time it was a pair of boots, socks, some Christmas baubles for her tree and matching tinsel. I got a table cloth and Christmas runner.  Not bad for a quick look around.

We both looked stunning after the hairdressers .... until we went out into the howling wind and rain.  The umbrella did little to stop us from looking like drowned rats by the time we reached the car.  My hairdresser recently won Midlands Hairdresser of the Year, he is wonderful .... so it was really annoying to get home looking bedraggled.

The evening consisted of lots of TV watching - Strictly, Dr Who, Casualty and I'm a Celebrity - which fitted together without too much clashing.

Sunday involved the usual food shop and then the day just disappeared.  I did some worksheets for using with students today ... but the internet was down at work so I couldn't access them. 

Note to self - take in a back up on a memory stick!

It was also a making mincemeat Sunday ... although my OH takes the credit for that and for the scrummy mince pies.  He's now used half of it for the Christmas puds, which he has steaming on the hob as I type.


Anyway that was my weekend - hope you had a good one and thanks for popping by

Louise x


  1. Looks like a busy weekend, sorry to hear about your hair, how frustrating!

  2. What a shame you had to brave the elements to get back to the car after getting your hair cut!
    Those mince pies look so inviting!

  3. Louise - how funny - I made mincemeat too ! Had to stop myself from glugging on the brandy !

  4. Oh doesn't it always rain or blow a gale when you have your hair done? The mince pies look delicious.

  5. I guess that is the Delia mincemeat that you mentioned. I have heard of it but never tried it. Well done OH! I think I must be like your daughter I am the one that gets accused of wandering off when shopping.

  6. I like your selfie. My hairdresser has been off ill for over a year so other than a quick trim the ends only, my hair (style) has been very neglect in that time, ok that's my reason & I'm sticking to it. Your stars on the tops of your mince pies are perfect. This will be the first year I make mince pies - I so nervous with so many experts out there!! Happy Week to you.

  7. Oooh: those mince pies look delicious. Don't mind if I do :) And your hair looks beautiful (I like your glasses too: such a nice shape). We were just talking last night about how Primark has just opened up in the little town where I grew up. Now how that would have made a difference to my teenaged life!

    Have a great week Louise

  8. Love the hair Louise, but how frustrating to have it messed up by the weather straight after leaving the hair dressers. How lucky are you to have a OH who makes mince pies and Christmas pudding, especially with them looking that good!

  9. Enjoyed catching up - my entire Thanksgiving till now has whooshed by. My dad would have loved that mincemeat - looks good.


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