Wednesday, 18 November 2015

All about Me... and post #15 half way there!

One recent prompt on the 30 day blogging challenge (which is more for business blogs) was about improving your 'About' page. 

Well I have the short profile on the sidebar but decided to write a little lot more an, give it a proper page all of its own. 

You can find it as a tab just above the post title.

Feel free to visit.  I did go on a bit so you might want to make a cup of tea and go to the bathroom first :)

Writing it also inspired the LAST post I wrote, garnered from looking through old photos ... which I love to do. 

And haven't mentioned on my 'About' page so there is something to add - some random likes and dislikes.

Or I could do a post and link it to the page. 

I'm going to stop there before I have created myself a dozen new things to do - I've got the laundry and pots to sort out before that!

Louise x


  1. Well I have read all about you and being very nosey about other people I read it right to the end and really enjoyed it. I like the addition of the photos especially the one of the shop. Interested to see you did you PGCE at Keele having visited it with my youngest. Should also like to recommend that holiday in Cornwall. You can always break the journey. I always find it interesting that teachers can be away from their jobs for long periods and then jump straight back in. Can't be easy. As a nurse I had to to do so many hours over a 3 year period to keep my registration. Not easy when the kids are young.

    1. If it hadn't been for sick and weekend/night shifts I would have considered nursing as a career. There are some similarities to teaching - no two days the same, working with people all day who AREN'T colleagues, bad press, huge job satisfaction. I did do a 'return to teach course' for teachers who had been out of the classroom for a while but that was more for me to gain confidence and I don't think they run anymore.
      I never felt 'part' of Keele Uni in the same way I did at Nottingham - perhaps that is the post graduate view, or it takes me a long time to settle in!
      I only have a couple of photos of the inside of the shop - because it is the sort of everyday that you don't take pictures of ... and again in teaching and nursing it's difficult to take photos of your daily work life without getting into trouble!
      Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment x

  2. Well, I have to say that I think working out how to do a fascinating About Me page is an achievement..I felt pretty pleased with myself the day I made my first stand alone page!

    I loved the old photos in this (especially the shop) and all the details, because yep, I'm nosey too. I'd love to see the wilds of Scotland and the last concert I went to was Paul Weller on Tuesday night..there's a bit of me, for you :)

    1. Thank you Sian. It took me a little while (and a lot of googling) to sort out the tabs so that you could click on them at the top, and I loved digging out and finding the old photos. x

  3. Well done you on writing such an epic About page! I've yet to do mine, as part of the challenge so I am impressed.
    As Maggie suggested, you can always break the journey to Cornwall. That's what I did on trips to Scotland this year. First trip I stayed in a Hostel in the Spittal of Glenshee, on my way to Aberdeen. It sounded such a wonderful name that I couldn't wait to get there, and I wasn't disappointed! Then when we went to Edinburgh later in the year we stopped a couple of nights on our way at places we wanted to see but were too far as day trips and not holiday destinations. If you count them as part of the experience they add to the journey. As for Scotland, we've been planning a return visit for over 40 years! All good things come to those who wait and this year I have been twice. The trouble is, it is so beautiful that I want to see more! I went to the Shetland Islands with a friend and they were amazing so now I want to take my husband.
    As for the tabs - well done for adding them. It's something I keep meaning to do but I know it will take time and learning. At least I know who to ask if I get stuck! lol


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