Friday, 2 October 2015

The strange case of the mistyped word

I decided to do a round up of September.  I would love to join in with Julie's month in numbers and, as a maths teacher, you would have though that numbers were right up my street.  However a lack of organisation and a poor memory mean I fail miserably.

So I started a post and just made 'notes' of things that were 'in' or 'on' or just were in September.  (Or should that be was?).   A week later I came back to the post and found this statement:-

'pay rest of gene a trip'.

Well try as I might I could not think of what this meant.  Who or what is gene and why did I need to pay them a trip?  I have pondered on this repeatedly to no avail.  And then last night the clouds parted and a cognitive beam of realisation hit me.  I had caught the space bar instead of the letter v. 

The sentence said *or rather should have said*

'Pay rest of Geneva trip'. 

Referring to the shockingly large amount of money owed to school so that both boys could swan off to Switzerland during the October half term holiday. 

The rest of the list references Doc Martin, which I watch with my DD (along with GBBO and Casualty).  We would love to be Strictly aficionado's but have the attention span of gnats and struggle to join in until the shorter episodes when half of the 'stars in spangles' have been voted off.

It mentioned that I had a phase of eating crackers and soft cheese for lunch, in an attempt to avoid too much processed bread.  A slice or two is fine but much more and I spend the next 20 hours or so uncomfortably bloated.  But they have provided toasters and bread at work ...... and I have NEVER been able to resist fresh toast.

Mmmmmm you can almost smell it.
However Friday is cake day.  In an attempt to not overeat that is all I have for lunch ... cake!

And in typical fashion I had to mention how warm the weather had turned.  Here we seem to have had summer in September, shame August was more like winter!

It didn't mention on OFSTED visit since we only get notified the day before.  Which we were on Monday, so the last two days of September were busy with 'making a list and checking it twice', but unfortunately OFSTED are not as nice and friendly as Santa is :)

September was pretty good - although it did have a few ups and downs.  Here's to an even better October,

Louise x


  1. Me too! I've been going through a phase of eating crackers and fruit salad to avoid the bread

  2. Nothing better than fresh toast from home made bread with a cup of tea in the winter :)


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