Monday, 26 October 2015

Me on Monday .... the buying and packing weekend.

A big wave and hello to Sian and all the other Me on Monday crew. 

It was a blink and you missed it weekend, a going out to buy kit list items on Saturday weekend, and then going out to buy the forgotten toothbrush and some new T-shirts on Sunday weekend, and a waiting in the cold for a late coach weekend that finished with a sleepover Sunday night 

Saturday saw me wake up uber early as usual (5am this time).  I pottered around on line and it was 8am before I knew it.  I did a little scrapbooking, finishing a challenge LO I will post later this week.  Eventually we nipped out to buy toiletries, sweets and socks for the boys school trip to Geneva.   That done we got home to realise we hadn't bought any milk or a toothbrush - plenty of time tomorrow for that.

We watched the Rugby - RSA v All Blacks.  It was a wonderful game and both sides played so well it was a  disappointment that one had to lose!  The weather was just so British too.

I swapped internet providers a few months ago but still have my mobile phone through TalkTalk , so there was a LOT of time spent online - most of it trying to register with Noddle, so that I can keep an eye on my finances.  Only Noddle don't seem to want to send me a confirmation email.  No matter how many times I have tried nothing has come through.  I have tried THREE different email addresses with no success (spam boxes are empty too).  Very frustrating.

Sunday morning I got 3/4 of the way through another sketch challenge layout.  Then I spent the rest of the day counting and rolling underwear, jeans, tee shirts and various other items.  No it isn't a strange new hobby, but rather beginning the packing for the Geneva trip. 

When the older-by-one-minute son informed me that 4 of the t-shirts in his wardrobe didn't really fit I took a deep breath and counted to 10.

I can't tell you just how many times I have asked them to let me know if they need new socks/ pants/ tops/ jeans etc. but it is more than a few.  A few hours before they leave on a school trip is not the time I need telling of such a fact.

Since I was having to go out for the milk and toothbrush (forgotten yesterday), tee shirts were added to the list.  Only it has to be plain white tee shirts.  No mottos, no emblems, no patterns, pockets or buttons.  Not many places sell them.  His luck was in - Tesco had some school PE tee shirts in his size - they will have to do. 

I did remember all their clothes, my hairdryer (not sure what I will do but their need apparently was greater!), travel plugs (not euro ones - Switzerland is different), toiletries, inhalers, etc.  What I forgot was to take photos of it all for this post!

Boots, coats, fleeces, a small pillow, water and a packed lunch (tea) were added to the pile and all taken to school.  We were told 3.45pm with the coach expected to leave at 4pm.  We got there early (3.25pm) because parking is tight.  There were half a dozen cars there already.  Then we were informed the coach was running 20-30 minutes late.  We stood in the cold for nearly an hour.  It took about 5 minutes to get the students and all their luggage aboard the coach and at 4.25pm off the set.

And here is a pic of the fab crumble my OH cooked us.

It is half term here so we are taking the youngest one, plus a friend, to Drayton Manor for the day.  So I will be spending a day queueing, being spun around, turned upside down, and hopefully having a lot of fun.

Thanks for popping by and I hope your weekend was good,

Louise x


  1. It sounds like you didn't stop all weekend! Golly, a 5am start..that's early..

    I hope you have a lovely half term. We're off for a little light half term retail therapy ourselves this afternoon. Have a good week!

  2. Sounds like you have been spun around enough already without any trip to Drayton Manor! No wonder you didn't have time to photograph the packing! Hairdryer? Even my girls manage without that! Hope they have a lovely time.

  3. That was a busy weekend. Hope you can wind down a bit through Half Term. As for the hairdryer, I don't think my boy would know how to use one! Hope they have a great trip. I didn't take a single photo this weekend!

  4. My what a busy time. Thankfully you got some scrapping in; I download your sketch from yesterday, thank you very much. I know what you mean about spreading out the stash just to admire all that you have, no wait, that's to access what you have to use ... right got it. Yummy crumble. I hope you enjoy all the spinning, shaking & rolling in your day out.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments everyone and have a good week too. We had a lovely time at Drayton Manor - although DD persuaded us to go on storm force 10 at the end of the day - I think all the water on the ride landed in our boat! Not even my underwear was dry. Hot chocolate helped, and luckily DD and her friend had a change of clothes (unlike my poor hubby who drove home in wet jeans!) x

  6. That sounds a packed weekend - in more ways than one. Don't you just love it when you think you have finished shopping only to find you haven't.
    As for service providers and TalkTalk, that is a sore subject for me too. I have not had full use of my mobile for over 9 weeks - I hope your problems with the internet provider get sorted sooner than that. I loved your description of going on rides at Drayton Manor, sounds like a fun day even if you did get wet.

  7. What is it about teenage boys? Mine did that this week too when packing for his hike. Except it was walking trousers and I had no time to shop for them so went in track suit bottoms instead! Hope they have a fab time in Geneva and you enjoyed your spin on the rides x

  8. I bet its been quiet at yours this week :D
    I do love a good crumble but never make it as I'm the only one here who does x
    Have a good week x


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