Thursday, 17 September 2015

That was the week that was.

Goodness me, it has been a whirlwind first few days back.  We have had our school day changed to 8.30am - 4pm, which is fine and dandy.  We have
had our break shortened to 15 min and lunch to 35 min (bit short to tidy a classroom, set up for next set of lessons, go to loo/get a cuppa/eat something, but do-able).  The cherry on the cake is the change from 5 x 1 hour lessons to 9 x 45 min lessons :)

Well there are many positives to this - we have independent study time for students to do what would have traditionally been homework tasks.  In an area where education is not widely valued this seems to be working really well.  Lessons are not long enough for students to get really bored (although with a lack of doubles in some practical subject perhaps not long enough either). 

But boy does it leave your head spinning. We have now done a full run through of all the days (the first Wednesday was run a little differently).  I am sure I will get used to it at some point (please!).  Today a student said to me "It's Friday tomorrow, isn't it miss?" - it took me over a minute to work out that she was correct!

Have a fabulous Friday where ever you are and what ever you are doing,

Louise x

PS to give you an idea I started writing this post last Friday!


  1. That sounds like a good lesson length to me..round here they are going the other way and making them longer. I'm not sure I like that idea

    1. so far I am liking it - it makes the lesson snappy. I have always disliked long lesson. I worked somewhere a few years ago with 50min lessons but most of them were 'doubles'. 1 hour 40 min of maths is way to long!


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