Saturday, 19 September 2015

September photo challenge

I may have mentioned before that I am a teacher, so I always find it strange that just as others are expecting to have MORE time to scrap, I am wondering if I will get any done for a few weeks!  
What I can do is join in with a fun photography challenge over on UKScrappers.

This months challenge has been set by a fellow maths teacher.  I need to take at least one photo each to fit the categories of HOME, NEW and SOMETHING MATHEMATICAL eg reflection, triangle etc.

New was supposed to be easy - I was planning on a photo of my new (to me) classroom.  I say planning because after two whole weeks I haven't remembered to take it!  I suppose since it is a maths room I could have killed two birds with one stone and use it for that too - but perhaps not in the spirit of the challenge!

Instead I am going to use a photo of some NEW stash that will also help me use NEW techniques on my layouts - so that is two for the price of one!

My Home shot is this one, looking out the kitchen window into the garden.  Photos from the outside don't 'feel' home to me, they have to be inside.

And my SOMETHING MATHEMATICAL is actually two shots - both taken at the same point on a recent walk.  The hay bales are such beautiful CYLINDERS

(and that is a word the students need to know for their GCSE exam) and they seemed to be arranged like points on a GRAPH.


So there they are, my September Challenge photos.

Louise x

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