Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sort of joining in with 'Month in Numbers'

Well it has been a little while since my last foray into the world of blogging but 'third time lucky' I say.

A whole month is FAR to long for me to try and remember a set of even vaguely interesting numbers, so here is my alternative version of Julie's much more fascinating original.

So here goes -

5 - the number of miles walked around the peak district yesterday and also the number of people doing said walk.

2 - the number of times we took a 'wrong turn' getting there.  And on both occasions it was going into a car park!  Number 1 Son asked DH if he had remembered the antihistamines which necessitated a diversion to the next suitable shop (why didn't he just take one BEFORE we set off rather than wait until he needed one?!!).  Only the car park we pulled in to was NOT for the supermarket we could see as there was a railway track between it and us.  The second time was pulling into the first car park we saw at Youlgreave when in fact we needed to use one further into the village.

15 - the average number of minutes I seem to have to try and ignore teenagers moaning about everything at the start of a day out and

2 - the number of times I threatened to go back and sit in the car after failing miserably to not get wound up by said moaning.

5 - the number of photo's taken that I can use for Rhinda's scavenger hunt.  Although one was grabbed so quickly and is so blurry I may have to try again. (I followed your advice Julie and pretended to take a photo of my family - but the dog walkers were disappearing around the corner and rushed the shot too much).  So this number may have to change to 4.

78 - the number of photos taken on the said walk and 14 - the number consigned to the recycle bin.  As a maths teacher I have a desire to turn that into a percentage but it's the holidays and I really do need to get a grip on myself!

- the number of cows blocking a gate we needed to pass through.  It would have a been a MUCH shorter walk if at that point a car had not driven down the track, causing the cows to move out of the way.  You're a braver person than I if you would have tried moving them yourself.  They started to follow us so I didn't even get a photo of said cows to scrap the event!

DOZENS - the number of styles on the walk, most of which were narrow, 'squash through the tiny gap' types.  One was so narrow I made my OH go after me so that he could push me through if I got my bum wedged!  Only a few were the climb over types and the best were the swing gates.

And finally 103 - the number on the bottom of this cow (sorry for the extras!) which is what made me realise I could use the walk for a 'day in numbers' .

So I hope you don't mind my changes Julie but at least this way I can join in the fun!
Louise x


  1. I absolutely do not mind *at all*!! Over the years there's been all kinds of unique takes on the basic idea like 'a holiday in numbers', a special event etc. There's no rules - only to have fun and share.

    And I do believe I too have used the number on a cow's backside to illustrate my post at some time or other!

    I hope you enjoyed your day despite the teenage complaints, detours, and cow interruptions!

    I've pinned you safely to the board now Louise:

    Thanks so much for joining in - you're welcome any time, with any take on it that you fancy!

    Have a great August ahead.

    Julie :-)

  2. Love your post - I can totally relate to the teens ( although mine are now just past teens- no different with the moaning though) . Enjoy your summer hols and forgety about maths( i work with maths teachers so KNOW thats not possible!) .

  3. I love how you have summarized your outing with numbers (I have done a scrapbook page with a day in numbers in the past ;) - I totally relate to the moaning teenagers as I have two that couldn't care less about taking a stroll with their parents!

  4. Thank you ladies - glad to hear my kids are more normal than I thought


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