Monday, 31 August 2015

Me on Monday

Hello to you all.  Well it is a very typical British Bank Holiday here - absolutely tipping it down.  So I am joining in with Sian here.

It's been a quiet weekend here, although Friday was much busier, it involved scraping mildewed paper from the bathroom walls (which I may have mention in Me on Monday last week), followed by weed-killing before being topped off with a very l~o~n~g visit to the opticians. 

The bathroom needs attention because certain teenage boys do not seem to understand the idea of *opening the window*. 
They refuse to have it open even an eeny, weeny, teeny bit because that then causes the bathroom door to open a small amount.  
(I have to explain that it is a folding door - there not being enough clearance inside the bathroom for a 'proper' door.)

We did have the option of making the door open outwards but I am sure one teenage boy would have managed at some point to open it into another teenage boy - they need no excuse to fall out.

So , you ask, what is the difficulty with *opening the window after the shower* - what indeed? But in typical teenage style it doesn't get opened (nor do the towels get picked up off the floor, or dirty clothes get put for washing ..... *sigh*.)  They are, at least, very clean teenage boys - or should be given the amount of time they spend in the shower.  This of course, along with the closed window, causes lots of steam and then lots of condensation on the walls and ceiling.  Most of the wall is tiled - but the top 12 inches or so is painted, and it is very speckled grey black, rather than the lovely white it was originally. 

So last year *turns slightly pink* I purchased some bathroom paint to remedy the situation.  That time I got as far as scrubbing the mildew, which over the next many few months returned and increased.  This time I have removed some of the paper (since it was lifting away from the wall), scrubbed the ceiling again AND sealed it with watered down pva glue. 

I also got lots of bits of wallpaper and plaster in my hair and down my top (I hope there was none left when I got the opticians!)  The dribbles of PVA, that dripped down, resulted in me looking like I had some nasty skin complaint.  I spotted most of it before I left the house and had to do some surreptitious rubbing once out in public.  Which probably added to the skin disease impression now I think of it!

Before we all ventured out to get our eyes checked *you'll be pleased to know that we all have them* I tried doing some weed-killing.  I say tried because for the third day running it rained about 30 minutes later   >:(

The younger-by-one-minute son 'bagged' first slot at the opticians and the older-by-one minute went next.  They both headed straight home afterwards.  To prevent moans of boredom I whizzed the girl around a few shops (her favoured pastime).  I went last which, when you bare in mind I then have to choose and be fitted for new specs, is probably NOT the best order to do it. 

Hubbie had time to go and buy some cakes (egg custard for me) and then nip to Tesco with the girl - I didn't bother telling him she wanted to go and buy a bra, why spoil the fun? 

Saturday involved the usual food shop, a trip to collect some clothes I had ordered (in the sale of course)

mine were in a slightly larger size LOL!

and to return some others (also in a sale).  It also involved realising we had missed an episode of casualty last Sunday (how had DD and I managed that?) so catching up on that and then watching the first of this weekends episodes.

Sunday was rather wet here and I spent the morning painting those parts of the bathroom ceiling and wall that I could reach.  I shall explain here that we have a long 'open' shower unit and I wasn't either tall enough or confident enough to reach across from the ladder to paint all parts of the ceiling :(

You can see that I need to do some filling and then apply a second coat of paint


Today I shall try standing on an old step stool in the shower cubicle to see if I can reach the missing bit, otherwise my darling Husband will find he has another job(!) and then it all needs a second coat.  Which will hopefully not take the best part of a year to achieve.

Hope you are having a much nicer Bank Holiday Monday weather-wise and also a relaxing or exciting day,

Louise x


  1. HI Louise! It's lovely to be waving at you this week. I feel your bathroom pain. We have a bathroom with no window and it gets so damp. I've been using my new steam cleaner to try and freshen up the tiles a bit.

    Have a great week!

  2. HI Louise! It's lovely to be waving at you this week. I feel your bathroom pain. We have a bathroom with no window and it gets so damp. I've been using my new steam cleaner to try and freshen up the tiles a bit.

    Have a great week!

  3. i feel your pain. no1 teenage son spends no less than half hour every time in the shower. No2 teenage son...under five mins. Not sure what either of them do in there. We have a extractor fan..but does anyone turn it!! You are good though I would be leaving the decorating to Dh.

  4. Yep my boys are the same - very clean, they could spend ages in the shower...towels, windows...I think that must be normal!

    Thank you for popping over to my blog too - to answer the gesso question - gesso is a primer, kind of surface preparer - I like to use the gesso on the card stock first as it stops the paint from sinking in to the paper, it is a subtle effect but say if you did an ink drip or spray you get little puddle of the ink or spray before they dry rather than them soaking in and having a hazy edge. It also gives you more time to use the ink as it doesn't sink in, so I like to sometimes just rub distress stain over the top, and you can then activate it with water and get a nice watercolour effect. I hope that makes sense!

    1. Thanks for that - it sounds like it could be useful and might explain why my misting doesn't always look like those layouts I see online!


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