Monday, 25 August 2014

Tuesday 26th August

As a teacher I have managed to do a fair amount of scrapbooking over the last few weeks, but once I am back at work will spend a lot of my time marking and lesson planning and very little time crafting.  [I'm not complaining - well not at the moment but no doubt the odd little grumble may escape my lips in a few weeks time :) ]

I am going to save most of those LO's for when I have a little less to blog about but here is one I would like to share today.


It's based on a start to finish challenge over on SJ Crafts blog (the challenge has finished but  you may find the starting point as useful as I did).  I haven't added the journaling yet - it was my cousin's wedding so I may get a quote from each of my children for this.

I used my Quirky Kits Lite for the LO, along with some die-cuts bought from that well known auction site.  I have only just started subscribing to the kit but have been very pleased with the two I have had so far.  There are items in there that I would never buy normally, but this has actually inspired me to try new things.  And the Lite kit is [in my opinion] excellent value for money AND affordable at £10 every other month.  Just to reassure you I am just a happy customer only and have no other link to the company.

Yesterday was spent "school shoe shopping" for my 3 kids - except that two of them still measured the same size as last time, so we are sticking with those shoes for now as they are still in good condition.  We just bought the one pair of shoes and then nipped to Trespass for walking boots.  One DS [the older-by-one-minute boy] found a pair he liked but the other DS [the younger-by-one-minute boy] is much pickier but we managed to find a suitable pair online.  He does want them for Saturday,  so if they haven't arrived by then my life will not be worth living.  Grumpy teenage boys, hey?

Louise x


  1. Great Page! glad you were able to save a little on the shoe shopping .

  2. Lovely page. Like the colours you chose. My two are both grown up now, so I don't have the dreaded show shopping anymore - that is one thing I don't miss! Glad you managed to,save some money.


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