Monday, 25 August 2014

Monday 25th August

A fortnight ago we visited Alton Towers theme park.  We enjoyed a fantastic day and, despite what the weatherman said, it didn't rain. :)
I got bruised shoulders from The Smiler (and don't think I would bother with the ride again) but thoroughly enjoyed my 4 goes on Nemesis and 3 rides on Air.  I also went on Thirteen and Sonic Spinball.  
More importantly I found #18.  A waterfall.  It may be artificial but it is still a waterfall!  I had to use my (very old) phone camera so the quality is poor.


A few days earlier DD had an orthodontist appointment - this netted me
#17. A lamppost.

and #6. An urban street scene

I intend to use this blog to help me RESTART (!) my project life album so the intention is to post as often as possible as a reminder of what happened in the month - wish me luck, as I'll need it. :)

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